A Matter of Conversation’s Purpose

We are creating change through dialogue. 

How does such a purpose link to candles you may wonder? I know I did when starting to unravel the idea. Our candles are the beginning of a larger story that encourages dialogue about the way in which we live within our homes, workplace, and community.

Rest, Restore, and Revive reflect spaces we all visit regularly in life. It is our choice to allow the ebbs and flows of these seasons to inspire us to persevere and succeed in the areas we prioritise. Whether that be raising a family, building a business, working for a company, tailoring our creative skills, or any other pursuit. To aid in the rhythm of these times we have chosen essential oils that research has proven will benefit your senses. You only need to choose the candles that reflect the season you are in.

My own rest, restore, revive journey came after a season of not paying heed to these natural rhythms of life, resulting in burn out. At this time, I began my search for candles that were both an item of decoration  to create a restful environment, as well as providing a beautiful aroma from essential oils to naturally aid the healing of my mind and body. In the shortfall of not finding this combination on the market, I have begun developing my own brand that I know you will enjoy.

I look forward to being part of your journey through the seasons of life and sharing in these Matters of Conversation.

The next part of the larger story is coming soon – our blog. You’re Worthy will be launching in mid 2018, sign up here to keep updated and join the conversation.