Candles to shape your environment

Our thoughtfully designed candles carry an extra layer to the usual; a message that encourages conversation with those you care about, in making time to rest, restore, and revive. Handcrafted with scents specific to enhancing your environment, our fragrances from essential oils encourage rest, restoration, and reviving. With simple, elegant branding, they provide a natural ambiance to any room, and our thought-provoking themes are truly A Matter of Conversation.

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Our ranges are all about your choice and how you intertwine them into your life. Whether you are working on a paper, creating a masterpiece, or needing some momentum then Revive is the choice. You could be away on a long weekend and need to unwind and decompress from the hectic 9 to 5, then Rest is your range. If you are beginning something new, building health into areas of your life or simply starting to dream again, the Restore range is for you.


Why candles are the way to relax

Natural light such as the sun or flame is what our natural body systems respond most favourably to. For us to be considering relaxation, restoration, and reviving in our heart, mind, body, and soul, what better way to shift our atmosphere than to turn off the man made lights letting natural flame and purposeful scent recreate our environment.

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